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Cookies and tracking pixels

To improve our web service and to make your experience as comfortable as possible, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files saved on your PC when you visit our website. They help us recognize your browser as yours. Cookies save information such as your language settings or the duration of your visit to our website. They save data entries you make on the website so you don’t need to enter your data each time you use our services. Cookies help us to recognise your preferences and adjust our website to your areas of interest. Every time our website loads, we record how often it is visited and clicked on by using tags on our website called tracking pixels. These tracking pixels do not interfere with your PC.

If you want to prevent performance and advertising cookies from being saved, you can change your cookie preferences below.

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Functionality Allowed

  • Provide secure login and user authentication after login
  • Error tracking and reporting
  • Activation of A/B testing tools and analytical tools

Functionality NOT Allowed

  • Twitter, Facebook, Google, and/or Pinterest page-view
  • Activation of Twitter & Facebook sharing buttons
  • Personalized advertisement on our and our partner’s pages